Speed-up and automate internal deliveries
and production processes with the support
of autonomous plant logistics

Fast and efficient intralogistics


Downtime reduction and collision-free deliveries

Safe while cooperating with
the staff

Intelligent route selection

Long battery life:
8-10 hours

Continuous work mode

Flawless just-in-time deliveries

Formica 1 provides autonomous, fast and safe load transportation of up to 1000 kg.
The robot can be integrated with any production line or intralogistics system at the plant facility.

Maximum speed: 2 m/s
Adjusted intelligently depending on the load

1000 kg of load capacity

Battery life: 8-10 hours of continuous operation

Automatic charging in the docking station
or manual battery swap

Wireless communication (IoT/SRD/2G/4G)

Driving ability in both directions (forward/reverse)

Dimensions 1300x750x299 mm

EN1525, IEC/EN 60825-1 safety standards

EN ISO 13850 machine safety standard

Formica 2 picks, transports and feeds heavy pallet loads of up to 1,500 kg, providing a smart and safe alternative
to traditional forklifts. All this is performed automatically and independently in a dynamic environment.

Maximum speed: 1.5 m/s

Adjusted intelligently depending on the load

1500 kg of load capacity

Battery life: 8-10 hours of continuous operation

Automatic charging in the docking station
or manual battery swap

Wireless communication (IoT/SRD/2G/4G)

Driving ability in both directions (forward/reverse)

Dimensions 2000x1000x1000 mm

EN1525, IEC/EN 60825-1 safety standards

EN ISO 13850 machine safety standard

How we do it?

We automate logistics and production processes, bringing support for enterprises on their way to optimal digitization. Our robots ensure effective, unattended transportation of any loads, and optimize production processes regardless of the plant or industry specificity.

What makes Formica stand out?

Efficient transportation, no operator needed

Full control and collision-free deliveries

Support for the crew

Fast implementation, no additional costs

Full integration

Ready to go 24/7

  • Smooth, precise and safe transportation of materials
  • Transportation of non-standard and heavy loads
  • Does not interfere with the work of human staff in the same space
  • Takes care for the transportation of goods
  • Lets the working personnel focus on more demanding tasks
  • The implementation is optimized thanks to a prior virtual simulation
  • There is no requirement for changes to be made in the infrastructure of the production plant or warehouse
  • The implementation time is minimized
  • Provides comprehensive integration with other internal transportation systems
  • Covers production processes as well as warehouse management
  • Cooperates with business analytics systems
  • Results in the optimization of the production
  • equipped with the latest generation batteries
  • long-life batteries (working time of up to 8-10 hours)
  • extremely fast, automatic charging
  • Continuous work in a dynamic environment
  • Independent selection of an optimal delivery route
  • Obstacle avoiding and speed adjusting to the load carried
  • Safe delivery ensured

Advanced, certified safety systems allow Formica robots to fully control their surroundings. Vision systems and sensors allow robots to detect non-standard
obstacles and guarantee control over heavy and high loads.

3D cameras

Detection of obstacles above the laser beam

360° panoramic scanning

Two scanners for 360° field safety check

Detection of obstacles below the laser beam

Active bumpers

Continuous load control

Load distribution sensors for undisturbed transportation of the cargo

Complete insight into the robot's operation history with the possibility of event playback

Black Box

To avoid encountered obstacles

Ultrasonic detection sensor

Sound signals

Robot proximity sound signalling while approaching the human staff

Natural navigation


The extensive navigation system based on LIDAR technology allows the robot to create a virtual map of the work environment and track traffic
in its vicinity.This allows robots to choose a route based on actual on-site traffic, as well as the information from the fleet management system.

Intelligent route selection

Incident immediate response

High-traffic zones avoidance

Excluded area identification

Formica - ready for new tasks

Formica advanced systems, along with a fleet management system, allow you to quickly and easily adapt the robot
to new tasks.

24/7 goods transportation

Self-loading and unloading

Cooperation with
a cobot

Deliveries of components to the production line area

Mobile transporting platform, integrated into the production line

Adjust the fleet to your needs

With our solutions, technologies and capabilities, we can design and deliver ARMs tailored to the needs of a specific factory and warehouse.

Equipment and software

AIUT Qursor order handling system


Automatic charging station

Automatic battery swap

Additional equipment

  • Configuration for process simulation
  • Transportation routes for AGVs
  • Maximum speed of travel
  • Docking points
  • Waiting points
  • Asset management
  • Reporting failures and stoppages
  • Service Desk
  • Personnel management
  • Work scheduling
  • Extensive integration tools with other systems
  • Knowledge Center

The robot monitors its battery charge status independently and optimizes routes with the location of the charging stations in mind

Replace a battery in less than a minute to continue the work

Accessories to implement various processes and transport non-standard loads, i.e.: forklifts,

end tools for handling items of various sizes, conveyors

Formica provides a quick return on investment. A virtual implementation allows you to estimate the ROI in no time.
Full simulation of processes on a real plant or warehouse map allows you to present post-implementation indicators while also calculating the actual demand for robots.

Choose the option of a pilot implementation and see how our transportation system can automate and improve the operation of your plant. Call us.

Schedule a pilot implementation

Virtual commissioning

Full simulation of actual plant traffic

Speed and load tests

Identification of inefficient routes

Recommendations for changes

Aformic keeps your fleet and deliveries on the move. We provide technical and hardware support, remote diagnostics of machines and event investigation. You can program your fleet yourself, while our team is always ready to assist you whenever you need it.


24/7 tech support

Warranty and
post-warranty service

System maintenance and development

Aformic Team

We automate logistics and production processes. We integrate systems. We create factories following the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

Aformic provides complete systems for the automation of internal logistics with the use of own, autonomous, mobile Formica robots. We are part of the AIUT group, a market leader in the automation and robotization of production processes, and one of the largest European system integrators for industry with 30 years of experience.


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